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Having a diet filled with all types of food which provide all kinds of vitamins, proteins and other things is essential in keeping your health up. Here at Mr. Vegetable Man we aim to help people to eat more healthy food which in return keeps your health up and your weight just at the right place. If you are interested in some additional advice you will have to wait some time for our videos to get produced. is the company which is placed in top-tier of video production, and they will produce promotional and guide videos that will help you eat healthy. But until those videos come up we can give you some free advice about the food you should eat.HealthyEating

Half of your every meal should be made out of fruits and vegetables. When it comes to them color does matter. More different colored plants you have on your plate are better than having one type of fruit or vegetable only. Dark-green, orange and red plants should be the primary color on the plate, with other color types of vegetables and fruit making the rainbow effect on the plate.

If you love eating grains then eat whole grain instead of refined/half grains. Grains that were refined have already lost the most important components and they should be avoided. When you buy products look for ingredient list and buy those that have oatmeal, rolled oat, wild rice, whole wheat on that list.

If you consume a lot of food that containswhole-foods-dairy-grains-fruits-vegetables-milk-cheese-eggs-yogurt-meat fat then you should try and reduce fat intake from some types of food. For example you can use low-fat or fat-free milk to reduce fat intake. These kinds of milk are same as whole milk, if we talk about calcium concentration which is the most important component of milk.

Animal products should not be avoided because they belong to protein foods group. Avoiding meat and animal products healthy-eatingmay cause vitamin and protein deficiency which may cause health issues. Some people, vegans and vegetarians mainly, opt for vitamin and protein supplements, but those things are not same as vitamins and proteins the meat contains. SO if you want to keep your health up and your body weight down look for lean protein meat (chicken and turkey breasts, leaner cuts of ground beef…).

Try to avoid products that contain larger amounts of sodium. In fact try to avoid any types of products that contain sodium at all. Those products have sodium as an ingredient because it preserves the food for longer time, but that amount of sodium is unhealthy for body.

We are all aware of the amount of sugar that is added to all types of food and drink. Every product that contains sugar is slightly unhealthy for your body. Sugary drinks are even worse. When you drink sugary drinks it causes craving for more of the same, so you should avoid those drinks and consume water instead.
That is all for now. We hope that these small pieces of advice will help you and your health.20_09_38_846_file

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